Admission Application

IRD VRU Students Visa and Admissions Services

How to apply?

 1. Enter the application for VRU international students via the Google Chrome web browser.
 2. Select the application form menu.
 3. Fill in your personal information, check its accuracy, and attach the required document.
 4. After you submit your application, the system will show you ticket number to enable you to monitor the status of your application.
 5. The review process normally takes no longer than 4 weeks. The international Affairs division will send you an email or you can check the status online by going to
     the check application status menu.
 6. Your application status will include information on:
      6.1 The application forms.
      6.2 Interview approval letter
      6.3 Transcript.
      6.4 Passport

    If you require further information, please contact us at

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