Qingdao Agricultural University, China, is now open for students admission, international program.

I. Project Overview

This program aims to train expatriates with good Chinese listening, speaking, reading, writing and professional translation skills. Upon finishing the program’s study, foreign learners will be able to improve their Chinese language proficiency with understanding the overview of Chinese culture and social development as well as have strong intercultural communication skills.

The program is divided into three stages just as elementary, intermediate and advanced levels according to international students’ Chinese language proficiency. In order to ensure the quality of teaching, small-sized classes will be held. In principle, there will be no more than 10 students in a small-sized class, and no classes will be started if there are less than 3 students enrolled successfully.

If online classes are used, we will adopt the advantages of network-based courses to carry on diversified teaching and provide students with an independent and good learning space.

II. Qualifications for Application

1. Graduated from high school / have high school degree or above.

2. Between the age of 18 and 50.

3. Non-Chinese citizens holding valid foreign ordinary passports and physically and mentally healthy; nationality requirements are in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Notice on Regulating Higher Education Institutions’ Enrolment of International Students (Ministry of Education, Jiao Wai Lai No.12, 2020) (in Chinese).

III. Application time

Spring semester (from March to July 2023): please apply from September 1st to December 31st, 2022.

Fall semester (from September to December 2023): Please apply from March 1 st to June 30th, 2023.

Note: Depending on their Chinese language proficiency, applicants may select one or more semesters of language program’s study. However, in principle, no more than 6 semesters (3 academic years) will be selected. And applicants must complete their next semester’s applications at least two weeks before the application deadline for each semester.

IV. Curriculum Setting

The Setting of Course Objectives for Non-Academic Program Stages Course Objectives Elementary Having basic listening, speaking, reading and writing skills; being able to communicate simply on familiar topics and complete simple social interactions.

Intermediate Having general listening, speaking, reading and writing skills; being able to conduct basic complete, coherent and effective social communication on basic topics of daily life, study and work.

Advanced Having certain listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and basic translation skills; being able to conduct more complete, smooth and appropriate social communication on complex topics of life, study and work.

V. Application Methods and Procedures

1. Applicants should send colored scanned copies of application materials by email to iaoie@qau.edu.cn and submit the original materials for inspection upon admission.

2. Applicants will be informed about pre-admission information by email.

3. After obtaining the pre admission qualification, applicants should pay the application, tuition and insurance fee through bank remittance. They will receive the receipt of payment when registering at university.

4. The university will mail the official admission letter and the required documents for visa application to applicants.

VI. Application Materials

1. Scanned copy of the first page of the passport (individual ordinary passport and valid period until 90 days after the date of arrival at the university), 2-inch photo and application form.

2. Proof of highest academic degree and transcripts (must be stamped with official seal of high school), CV and study plan.

3. Foreigner physical examination form Applicants should strictly follow the items required in the “Foreigner Physical Examination Form” (Appendix1) to have physical examination. The form will be invalid if missing any items, without the photo of the applicant, without the stamp on the photo, without the signature of physician and without the stamp of hospital. The examination result is valid for 6 months (must be within the valid period at the time of application);

4. Certificate of no criminal record (must be within the valid period at the time of application).

5. Scanned copy of the “Statement of Financial Support through a Guarantee” (Appendix 2) and materials of the guarantee. The materials of financial support include: (1) the “Statement of Financial Support through a Guarantee”, which must be completed in Chinese or English; (2) a certificate of deposit that can cover reasonable expenses for study, living, international travel and so on during the international student’s stay in China; (3) a scanned copy of the passport or identification of the financial guarantee (only for applicants themselves or their immediate family members).

6. Applicants who are already studying in other universities in China must provide a letter of recommendation from the international student office or school of their university, which needs to indicate the valid contact information of the recommending organization.

7. Applicants mentioned in the document Notice on Regulating Higher Education Institutions’ Enrolment of International Students (Ministry of Education, Jiao Wai Lai No.12, 2020) (in Chinese) must submit relevant supporting documents;

8. Other materials required by the university.

VII. Application Instructions

1. The various documents submitted by the applicant must be in Chinese or English. If the documents are in other languages, original ones and the notarized translated documents of English or Chinese must be uploaded at the same time. The relevant documents must be uploaded in colored scanned copies, and these documents taken by cell phones or cameras even photocopies are unacceptable. Handwriting is unacceptable for all provided documents, except for Foreigner Physical Examination Form and their personal signatures.

2. If the application materials are incomplete, the university will not to be handled.

3. The University reserves the right to request some applicants to provide original written/notarized application materials or certified documents issued by appointed certification bodies for further inspection.

4. Applicants should make sure that their application information and application materials are true and accurate. Their applications, admissions or study qualifications will be cancelled once falsified materials are verified by the admissions unit or certification department.

VIII. Examinations and Admissions

Applicants will be admitted on merit-based enrollment and, if necessary, in conjunction with a video interview. For those applying for enrollment in March 2023, the admission results will be returned by email by January 15th, 2023. For those applying for enrollment in September 2023, the admission results will be returned by email by July 15th, 2023. The Admissions Office will send admission letters and Visa Application for Study in China (Form JW201/202) to them.

IX. Visa

Admitted students must apply for a visa to study in China at the Chinese Embassy (Consulate) in their countries with admission letters and Visa Application for Study in China (Form JW201/202). International students who will be studying in China for less than 6 months must apply for a Type X2 visa. Those who will be studying for more than 6 months must not only apply for a Type X1 visa but also a residence permit within 30 days of their arrival in China. Please refer to the latest policies and regulations for visa and entry matters. The university can issue admission letters and visa application forms to study in China according to the relevant regulations. If you are unable to enter China to study, you may have classes online.

X. Registration

Admitted students must report and register at Qingdao Agricultural University strictly according to the time specified in the admission notice, and original documents such as graduation certificates will be verified at the time of reporting. Online check-in procedures will be announced.

XI. Tuition and Other Fees

1. Application Fee: 400RMB (payment after obtaining pre-admission qualification).

2. Tuition: 6000 RMB/semester.

3. Medical Insurance Fee: 400RMB/semester/person, 800RMB/academic year/person

According to the Chinese Ministry of Education, international students studying in China are required to purchase medical insurance within China. Those who haven’t purchased medical insurance will not be registered at the university. For more information on the insurance contents and claim procedures, please visit: http://www.lxbx.net.

4. Accommodation Fee: 1700-5000RMB /semester/person depending on their selections.

5. Residence Permit Fee: 400 RMB /semester/person, 800 RMB /year/person.

XII. Contact

Address: Room No.103 Expert Building Qingdao Agricultural University No. 700, Changcheng Road, Chengyang District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province, China Zip Code: 266109 Tel: +86-(0)532-58957556 E-mail: iaoie@qau.edu.cn

Appendix1: Foreigner Physical Examination Form

Appendix 2: Statement of Financial Support through a Guarantee